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Typical of the company!!I wrote that I finally got a refund after a month of fighting and considered the case closed.

Now almost a month later a spokesman for the company replies about reading the \"agreement\" for accepting the \"free\" sample. Funny how many people have a problem with the Terms & Conditions.

The issue was the time it took to refund the money after canceling the monthly autoship.Just an example of how they operate.

Original review posted by user Jun 18, 2011

I made the mistake of trying SlimBerry on a 14 day trial period. On the 15th day they charged my credit card for a new bottle and sent an e-mail about the shipment.

When I e-mailed them about wanting to cancel the order, they said it was already shipped, so I would have to refuse it when it arrived and they would credit my account. I took it to the post office, unopened and sent it back to them. It has been over 30 days and they have not refunded my money. I have e-mailed their customer service numerous times and they won't even give me a courtesy of a reply.

They were sure fast enough taking my money, now they refuse to refund it or even let me know what is going on.

I am fighting this through the credit card company, but shouldn't have to go this far if it was a reputible company.

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Also ripped off by this company.Tried the 'free' trials but discovered they deducted $75 from my account for a 2nd bottle I did not order.

Since i'm in Australia not about to phone but they ignore all of my emails for a refund.Monday I'l l be reporting this outfit for fraudulently debiting my credit card.


I just ordered the trial pack and paid for postage.However these people decided to commence sending me the product and charging my CC account.

This is not legal. My authority for payment was ONLY FOR THE SAMPLE. I have complained to them and sent a couple of e-mails, but no response. The product is a sham in my opinion and the company does not appear to have ethics either.

Will never deal with them again.I hope they have the courtesy to respond to complaints.


Is it a free trial or not?I am really lost.

I ordered the product almost a month ago: I only received it last week.

Since I knew I would n't have 14 days to try it, I send a email to the costumer service asking to cancel everything (after 10 days of my original order). They answered back that my autoshipping was cancelled.

But will they charge me for the bottle that I finally received?They say in the ad that the first bottle is free: can I keep it or not?Can somebody help me?


There Terms & Conditions are clearly listed on their website that you are setup on a monthly autoship unless you call them to cancel. You people even have to check a box saying you agree to it. Look at is yourself\customer


I ordered the free trial of slimberry.Right now i am reading from all the people that had ordered the free trial,& got charged a big amount for the second bottle like the day after.

right now there are "ALOT" of unsatisfied customers,& i want to make sure that doesnt happen to me;especially since i am on disability & have a low income!I called my bank & they are watching for any amount to come through from you except the small amount from the free trial.I would like to cancel& do not want any added expenses charged to my credit acct.

I will take action if there are!!!THANK-u


I had the same problem (they send me the full product that i didn't ordered) and i called them and the girl was nice she just told me to send it back and they will give me my money back but i'm a little worried after reading all these comments! If someone successfully got refund please tell me how!!


I am going thru the same thing with them right now. I ordered the “Free Trial” Online that I did receive. But then they sent me another trial of Slimberry that I received after I already got my free trial “only paying for the shipping”. Not anywhere online did it state there was any other obligation. I am currently trying to get my refund and disputing the charge with my bank.

Upon some research I found company on the BBB website and I see that you rate an F. Wonder why…. because they are a scam!

I hope your business learns work ethics and changes they way to get customers. :(


yea i am one of the persons that also got charged for the product that i have'nt gotten yet.. so guess what the 14days has not even passed so yea no more order on line or the free products.. :upset :(


Finally got a refund from the company. I have learned my lesson about FREE products. Case Closed!!!!



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